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Installation over Moist Subfloors

Unlike many other floorcovering options, Quick Step can be installed over moist subfloors.

As Quick Step is a floating floor and therefore not directly adhered to the subfloor, simply installing black plastic sheeting underneath the foam underlay will protect your floor from rising subfloor moisture. Floorscape recommends the use of plastic sheeting under all Quick Step Installations. Here are some tips to installing your plastic sheeting.

Clean your Sub Floor

Your subfloor, whether it is concrete, timber or particleboard, should be clean and level.

Roll out your Plastic Sheeting

We recommend the use of plastic sheeting that is at least 200uM thick. This will be available from your local Quick Step Retailer in 2 metre wide rolls.

After selecting your board direction and undercutting your door frames, roll out your first row of plastic sheeting along your starting wall. The plastic sheeting should then be trimmed using a sharp “Stanley” type knife, making sure you allow the sheeting to cover the entire floor area and run up the walls and vertical fixtures 50-70mm (the excess will be trimmed off after you have installed your floor). Now roll out your foam underlay and begin installing boards. When it comes time to roll out your next row of plastic sheeting, remember to overlap all joins by 300mm and tape each join well using a vapour-tight tape like duct tape.

For concrete or timber floors in older buildings that are not knowingly or logically wet or moist the alternative to using plastic sheeting than foam underlay is to purchase a Combilay 2 in 1. If there is any doubt as to the moisture content of a subfloor, carry out appropriate moisture tests prior to installation.

Professional installation

While many Quick Step projects are installed by do-it-yourselfers, the majority of floors are installed by professional floating floor installers. Having your floor installed professionally offers many customers peace of mind. While most professional installers operate reputable businesses, are reliable and carry out all work in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions, it is always worth checking references before employing your installer.

If you need your Quick Step installed by a professional, simply contact your local Quick Step Retailer, details of which can be obtained in the Find a Retailer section of our Home Page.