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Technical Hub NZ Building Code E3/AS1 ‘Alternative Solution’ for council consents

With recent changes to the NZ building code, the list of ‘acceptable solutions’ for applications in areas of sanitary (I.e. bathrooms, toilet, kitchens, laundry) now include sheet vinyl, certain types of stone and tile, along with sealed concrete. Timber and timber-based product have been removed as ‘acceptable solution’ from 4th November 2021 so we need to classify as an ‘alternative solution’ within Building Consents.  There is a misconception that timber and timber-based products can no longer be used in these areas from 4th November 2021.

Under change document section 3.1.1:

  • The use of other floorcoverings is permitted as an ‘alternative solution’, if they can be shown to be ‘Impervious’ and ‘easily cleaned’.
  • This impervious surface must extend at least 1.5m from any sanitary fixtures and appliances. (includes dishwashers and washing machines)
  • These floorcoverings should also be installed in a manner that prevent ‘gaps or cracks’ and where the ‘perimeter’ is protected from splash ingress.
  • The requirement for impervious and easily cleaned floor surfaces applies to spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and toilet facilities.  The perimeter of these installations can be protected from splash with our Hydro Kit, or other sealants recommended for this use.

Floorscape is pleased to advise that our collections of Engineered Timber, Hybrid and Laminate Floors are recommended for such areas as an ‘alternative solution’, and meet the definition of impervious and easily cleaned when used in conjunction with our Hydro Kit.

Please visit this page link to access Floorscape’s Alternative Solution Compliance Documents which can be submitted as part of council building consent application (consent application is only needed for new builds or major alterations).  To obtain the code to access this information, please contact our Floorscape National Sales Manager:

Mike Caird
027 358 1127