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Our Brands Quick-Step Timber

More and more, we strive to dissolve the boundaries between the inside and outside.

More than ever, home is the place where we can unwind and be ourselves. By bringing nature into our homes – in the form of plants and other materials like wood and stone – we can create a stress-free and tranquil atmosphere.

Timber Flooring Range

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Quick-Step Timber

Nothing surpasses the appeal of a genuine timber floor. You’ll never tire of its exceptional beauty, and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Moreover, a beautiful wood floor is an ideal basis for every style and every interior.

Quick-Step sets a new standard for timber floors by combining natural, authentic beauty and next-level performance. The result is a floor designed to be admired and enjoyed for life.

Quick-Step Timber range comparison

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Share the passion for wood

Quick-Step is a pioneer in innovation and quality and knows how to create a perfectly engineered timber floor. As wood is particularly influenced by fluctuations in temperature and humidity, it’s essential that the various layers of the planks are perfectly attuned to each other. Only with a careful selection of raw materials combined with perfect control of moisture content during the production process, optimum stability and durability of your floor can be guaranteed.

Any idea for a new timber floor needs to be in keeping with all facets of the nature of wood. Finding the perfect balance between the character of real wood, the craftsmanship of adding coloured stains, texture and high quality finishes is key to obtaining a beautiful wood floor and is what we do best at Quick-Step.

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Surface & Edge Protect+

Floors have to withstand a lot. Everyone goes through it: mud, chocolate sauce, wine and other dirt on your beautiful wood flooring. But isn’t there a way of protecting your floor from these intruders? With “Surface & Edge Protect+” there is. This technology ensures that the beautiful, authentic look of your floor stays with you.

All Quick-Step timber floors are finished with an advanced lacquer to give your floor added resistance to wear, marks and scratches. The water-repellent Protect+ technology also helps to prevent water, dirt and grime from being trapped in the open grain or penetrating between the joints of your floor. This helps to keep the planks looking as good as new. Thanks to the unique combination of this technology and our authentic floor designs, you will be able to enjoy your floor’s beauty for years to come.

Why choose Quick-Step Engineered Timber?

Engineered Timber Floors – Real natural wood in your home

To make the natural beauty of our floors stand out even more, Quick-Step combines unique colour tones and finishes with specific gloss levels. Intense, warm tones are enhanced with soft but clearly present textures to further liven up your floor.

As a dedicated flooring company, Quick-Step is delighted to bring you a beautiful collection of innovative, real timber engineered flooring for your home.

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