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Interior Design Articles

Sweet dreams in style: A new floor for your bedroom

Your bedroom is the room you will spend the most time in your whole life. It is the room where comfort and ambience is paramount. Choosing the perfect floor that complements varied tastes and functionality can be a challenge.

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The golden rules of renovating

Are you renovating for investing or nesting? If you’re nesting, you can afford to splash out a little more and choose luxurious items for your home. If the purpose of your reno is for renting, look at the elements that tenants will find useful such as storage, built-in robes and finishes that are easy to maintain.

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The latest home colour trends with Quick-Step Flooring

Over the course of the year, Quick-Step’s fashion and flooring team takes inspiration from nature and tunes into the best design, culture and architectural happenings to identify new trends before they hit the mainstream. In this trend report, they present the four biggest floor colour trends to refresh interiors in 2014 and beyond, as well as expert tricks for making each style your own!

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