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The first real timber floor that resists water and soiling

If you’re opting for a timber floor, you’ll want to retain its authentic beauty for as long as you can. Timber floors from Quick-Step have been designed with exactly this in mind, and with the aim of creating warmth in the home for many years of enjoyment without worry.

Surface Protect+

Cleaning your timber floor is now easier than ever

Surface Protect+ technology prevents dirt and grime from being trapped within the open grain of your timber floor. This means a timber floor that looks better for longer, even with repeated cleaning. Looking for a timber floor that is easy to maintain? Quick-Step has exactly what you’re looking for.

Edge Protect+

For extra protection against dirty edges and joints

Thanks to the unique, moisture-repellent joint technology Edge Protect+, there’s no need to worry if you spill something or while cleaning, as Edge Protect+ stops fluids from seeping into the timber and dirtying the joints, keeping the space between the planks clean and looking fresh for years to come, even with frequent cleaning.

We understand that this new technology sounds too good to be true. That’s why we’ve put Surface & Edge Protect+ to the test. Curious about the results of our experiment? See for yourself.