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Sustainable by design

1. Finishing

S.R.T. (Scratch Resistant Technology):
a market leading lacquer is applied to every board to ensure maximum protection against wear, scratches and stains.

Manufactured to the highest standards in Europe, laboratory tests reveal that S.R.T. coating shows a 30 fold improvement in the prevention of fine scratching over standard coatings. This ensures that ARC Bamboo is simple and cost-efficient to maintain.

2. Solid board

ARC Bamboo is a solid product, often referred to as Strand-Woven Bamboo. Under extreme high pressure, strands of bamboo are combined into one solid product.

Careful observation of moisture levels during the production process results in a durable and stable floor. ARC Bamboo is a highly dense product, making it perfectly suitable to withstand daily stress and strain.

3. Uniclic joining system

Having the world’s best joining system ensures  a quick, easy and versatile installation of your floor. The strong joining system also results in a more stable floor and avoids moisture, dust or dirt accumulating between the planks.