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Quick-Step maintenance guide

Quick-Step Laminate, Timber and Vinyl floors have a durable non-porous surface, that will not retain dirt and marks easily. However, residues from cleaning and everyday life can build up on the surface when not maintained correctly. Correct maintenance follows a low residue approach to cleaning, preventing the accumulation of residues from cleaning and everyday life that will retain dirt and marks. This simple approach will keep your floor looking better for longer.

Quick-Step Repair Kit

Recreate the colour of slightly damaged planks quickly and easily with 7 wax pieces selected to cover all Quick-Step floor colours.

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Oil Care

This section is applicable to Quick-Step Imperio and Quick-Step Variano. These timber floors have an oiled finish instead of a lacquered finish like Quick-Step ReadyFlor. Variano and Imperio are unique… not just because of the ground breaking multi-pattern design (Variano) or the massive-sized reclaimed boards (Imperio), but also because of the hi-tech UV cured European Oil surface.

Unlike lacquered surfaces, Variano an Imperio use a state-of-the-art European Oil Coating System for unsurpassed natural beauty. Being different to a traditional lacquered finish, the Variano Oil Coating allows the owner to renew the oil surface when and where it is required, without sanding or having to treat the entire area.

Quick-Step Oil Care is used every month or so to enhance and nourish your floor. A bit like a moisturizer for your hands. This will help to repair or hide any fine scratches, and retain that rich, natural look.

Maintenance Oil

Quick-Step Maintenance Oil is used once or twice a year for intense care and repair. It is simply applied with a soft cloth in the areas required (or all over if need be), leaving your floor ready for normal foot traffic in a few hours.