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Maintenance & Repair

Quick Step is incredibly resistant to day to day wear and tear and is both easy and cost efficient to maintain properly. The following maintenance guidelines will help to ensure that your Quick Step floor always looks its’ very best.

General Cleaning

Ensure that your floor is kept clean and free of grit or small stones. Use a vacuum cleaner (bristles down) or a soft bristled broom to keep your floor clean.

Washing Your Floor

Protecting your floor

In addition, we recommend the use of dirt trapping mats at external entrances and felt floor pads under all moving fixtures. It is also a good idea to place vinyl chair mats under desks where castor wheels are used in an office environment. Either that or ensure your office chairs are fitted with “soft wheels”. Put simply, an ounce of prevention will help to keep your floor looking its’ best all the time!

Quick-Step Repair Kit

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Laminate maintenance guide

Click here to download the laminate maintenance guide