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Quick-Step Incizo: Multifunctional finishing tool

Quick-Step Incizo - 5 Questions, 1 answer

1. How can I join two floors of the same height?
With the Incizo profile, cut as an expansion profile

2. How do I finish my Quick-Step laminate floor along a wall or a window?
You can cut the Incizo profile into a clean end profile.

3. How can I solve variations in height – from one floor to another?
Use the Incizo profile, cut as an adaptor profile.

4. How can I connect my laminate floor to a carpet, and have a beautiful finish?
Use the Incizo profile, cut as a transition profile.

5. What about my stair?
The Quick-Step Incizo profile gives you a whole string of solutions for your stairs. For more information please contact your local dealer.

Watch the video to see how to use Incizo on stairs

Prestige profiles

We offer an extensive range of profile and trims to enable you to finish off your floor beautifully every time!  Trims are available for almost every edge of every floor, whether you are joining our flooring to other floor coverings like carpet, vinyl, ceramic tiles or timber; or covering an expansion gap in doorways, our wide range means you’ll almost always find what you are looking for. We even have a special profile just for stairs!

All trims are available in sizes to suit both the timber (senior trims) and laminate ranges (most often called junior trims).

Please note that this product is not stocked in New Zealand, so a longer lead time applies.

Prestige End - Available in Senior Ends (14mm), Mid Ends (12mm) & Junior Ends (8mm)

Prestige Border - Height range (7-18 mm)

Prestige Universal Trim

Prestige Ramp

Prestige H Trim - Available in Senior H (14mm) & Junior H (8mm)

Prestige Stair Trims - Available in Senior Stair (14mm) & Junior Stair (8mm)

Matching Bamboo accessories

Are you looking for a matching profile to finish your Bamboo floor? The accessories below are the perfect solution.

Quick-Step Bamboo Accessories

Download the Quick-Step Bamboo Accessories leaflet here.