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Quick-Step Livyn Balance Click

A new generation of luxury vinyl flooring

Forget everything you know about vinyl flooring. Imagine a floor that looks truly natural, a floor with an extra-matt finish and beautiful designs up to the tiniest details. Imagine a floor that feels soft, a floor that is cosy underfoot, and that is 100% water‑resistant.

Fitted with innovative ‘Stain Guard’ and ‘Scratch Guard’ technology, the new Livyn floors will give you a lifetime of pleasure, looking just as good in 20 years’ time as on the day they were first installed.

Revolutionary stain resistance

Thanks to our unique Stain Guard technology, most stains just don’t stand a chance on Livyn Balance Click floors. The fully sealed top layer ensures total protection from common stains and dirt, making them very easy to keep clean. Even the toughest stains (such as paint, nail-varnish or even marker ink) can be wiped away in an instant! Besides that, the increased scratch protection keeps your Balance Click floors looking new. You’ll be able to enjoy your Quick-Step Livyn floor for longer, and without a care in the world!

A perfectly natural look

With their extra matt finish, Livyn floors have a truly natural look and feel. Look closely and you’ll be astonished by the natural appeal we have developed with our vinyl floors. We have been able to balance a level of surface authenticity, design and underfoot feel that has only ever been seen in natural wood flooring, until now! What’s more, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a stunning range of in-house designed colours and surface textures.

Ridiculously easy installation

The Livyn Balance Click Collection makes laying your new vinyl floor simple, thanks to the patented Uniclic Multifit for Livyn click system. Designed to last, this system was specifically developed for Livyn floors and is highly user‑friendly, quick to install and a lot more stable than other systems.

Our brand new Uniclic Multifit click system is developed specifically for Livyn floors. It’s fast and simple and now better than ever! The new drop-down technology provides extra strength thanks to the vertical and horizontal click locking.