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What makes Livyn so unique?

Trendy designs

We closely follow developments in fashion, architecture and interior design passionately, and translate what we see into leading, trendy floor designs.

A complete finish

For the new Livyn Essential collection we have created a range of floors with colours and wood characters to meet a variety of tastes. We have also chosen a longer, wider, more elegant plank format that enhances the wood patterns even more.

Innovative finish

Thanks to the matching surface structures, we can emphasise the character of the plank in even more detail. Our innovative edge finish technique allows us to increase or reduce the authentic plank effect in accordance with the specific wood character of the floor. For example, darker grooves highlight the weathered character of your floor while lighter grooves can soften the appearance.

Elegant plank size

Quick-Step believes there exists an optimal plank size. Our objective is to design the most beautiful floor. Therefore, we don’t allow production constraints to dictate the plank sizes we can produce. We start from the most aesthetically pleasing length-width ratio and develop our machinery around it. Not the other way around. As a result of this approach, the Livyn collection offers a unique, long plank format with an optimal length-width ratio. Perfect and elegant.

Premium quality

Quick-Step is all about premium quality. Technical tests are performed at our own research centre to guarantee the strictest quality requirements are applied, ensuring our floors can withstand amost any conditions. For this reason Quick-Step can offer a minimum 20 years warranty on its Livyn collection.

Unique total package

Not many other floor specialists can deliver the same total service as Quick-Step. Our service not only includes the floor but also the installation tools and a maintenance kit. So we can guarantee the total quality of your floor. In addition, Quick-Step experts in retail shops can give you the best tips for installation, finish and maintenance of your floor.