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Why choose Quick-Step Vinyl

Scratch resistant

Livyn is scratch-resistant which means your floor can take a knock or two. The quiet and comfortable walking experience of Livyn is another important advantage. These comfortable floors reduce step noise and improve the enjoyment of your home.

100% waterproof

Livyn is made of high-quality synthetic material which means the floor is waterproof. These floors are consequently ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where they need to be resistant to wet conditions.

Kid proof

It’s important that a busy home can be kept clean easily. Livyn has a sealed surface and a protective PU coating to help stop dirt and stains. Coffee, fruit juice or jam: just wipe the floor clean. In addition, the strong and durable surface layer makes Livyn floors ideal for spaces which are used intensively. This new premium floor is so strong that Quick-Step gives up to 25 years warranty!

Warm character

These new floors not only feel cosy and warm, they are also so comfortable you’ll be tempted to walk around barefoot once your floor is installed. Livyn is also a good thermal conductor which means it’s perfectly suited for under floor heating. Comfort guaranteed!

Ideal for renovations

Livyn floors are thin and flexible which means they can easily be laid on top of many existing, level floor coverings. This will save you a lot of removal effort and lets you renovate your space without too much hassle.

25 years of warranty

Quick-Step is all about top quality. All our floors are rigorously tested at our own research centre to guarantee the strictest quality requirements are applied and to make sure our floors can withstand the most demanding conditions. Livyn luxury vinyl floors are no exception: they come with up to 25 years of warranty.