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Why choose ARC Bamboo?

Real Warranties

Anybody can promise a lifelong warranty, but more often than not, the delivery fails. We doesn’t just talk about giving you a Lifetime Structural Warranty, we are there when you need us. With qualified representatives all over Australia, Quick-Step offers full ground support no matter where you live.You can enjoy your ARC Bamboo floor with absolute peace of mind. ARC Bamboo carries a comprehensive Lifetime Structural Warranty and a 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty*
*conditions apply

Ease of installation

In 1997, Quick-Step launched the first integrated no-glue click system: Uniclic®.
Uniclicis renowned across the world as the best click system and is the choice of professional installers. With this system profiled on every edge of ARC Bamboo, your floor can be installed quickly, easily and without messy adhesive.
You can install your floor yourself or have it done for you by professionals…
it’s your choice.

Top quality

At Floorscape, we combine our expertise in flooring to create perfect quality bamboo floors that give you a lifetime of pleasure. When monitoring the production process, we keep an eye on the tolerances in each production step. Our specifications ensure the usage of the best quality raw materials and finishing lacquer in the marketplace.The result is a product that is backed by a 25 year Wear Warranty* and a comprehensive Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Leading lacquer


The boards are finished with 11 coats of hi-tech European coating, ensuring it is as resistant as possible to the rough and tumble of everyday life. ARC Bamboo offers a better resistance to scratches than any other bamboo floor!

Why our commitment to cold press manufacturing?

The term cold press refers to the Bamboo material being pressed into shape at room temperature. This “cold press” material is then baked for up to 20 hours at up to 130 degrees Celsius!
This compares to the “hot press” production which has a baking time of around 45 minutes. Our long baking time is slow and costly, but chosen to achieve greater uniformity in density, colour and moisture content, as well as a more appealing appearance.

Widest boards


ARC Bamboo’s 14mm solid boards are a generous 1850mm long and 137mm wide. The extra wide boards allow for a modern look & feel, as the natural patterns are shown off to best advantage.