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The details make the difference: Accessories

Discover our full range of carefully selected accessories for a perfectly finished floor. We have a solution for every floor and situation. They’re easy to use and always give you a professional result.

An underlay is not an idle luxury

Installing the right underlay has a major impact on the final look, quality and comfort of your bamboo floor. Based on more than 20 years of experience, our specialists have selected a collection of high-quality underlays that are easy to install, create a level base for your new floor, and provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Why go for a Quick-Step underlay?

  • Permanently sound-absorbing
    Quick-Step underlays are top quality and maintain their initial thickness over the years. Which means they will continue to dampen sounds such as the tapping of high heels.
  • Ideal for Uniclic
    The smooth surface of the underlays prevents parts of the underlay from getting stuck in between the Uniclic tongue and groove during installation. Moreover all Quick-Step underlays offer a stable base protecting the Uniclic click system.
  • 2 in 1: Protects against damp too
    A Quick-Step 2-in-1 underlay will reduce preparation time for the installation of your floor by half. The damp-proof and moisture-resistant membrane (DPM) with an adhesive strip has already been integrated into the levelling underlay. This will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Suitable for floor heating
    All Quick-Step underlays are suitable atop floor heating systems. Check the website for more information or ask your retailer for advice.

Quiet-Step Combi-Lay

Quiet-Step is the underlay by which all other underlays are measured when looking to reduce walk sound and minimize multi-storey noise.

Quiet-Step is the recommended underlay for ARC Bamboo: due to its high density, Quiet-Step is able to retain its characteristics and fulfil its purpose without compromise.

1 roll: 20m2 or 50m2 thickness: 2 mm

Matching Bamboo Trims

Are you looking for a matching profile to finish your Bamboo floor? The trims below are the perfect solution, if you want to make a transition from Bamboo to carpet, end your Bamboo floor to a cupboard or finish your staircase.

T-moulding/expansion profile

Uses: A low profile control joint for doorways or transition profile where the floor meets tile.

Fixing: Builders adhesive combined with nail or screw.

Top cover: 50mm Length: 1.85m

Stair nosing

Uses: Stair nose used to cover the front edge of a stair step.

Fixing: Builders adhesive combined with nail or screw.

Top cover: 92mm Length: 1.85m


Uses: Ramp profile used as a transition from two floors with different height.

Fixing: Builders adhesive combined with nail or screw.

Top cover: 56mm Length: 1.85m

Quarter round

Uses: Profile towards the wall to cover the expansion gap.

Fixing: Builders adhesive.

Height: 13mm Width: 19mm Length: 1.85m

End profile

Uses: Transition to floor coverings or vertical surfaces.

Fixing: Builders adhesive combined with nail or screw.

Top cover: 50mm Length: 1.85m