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Delightful eye-catcher: Variano

The Quick-Step Variano Collection is an innovative suite of flooring which offers a multiplicity of small planks with differing lengths widths and finishes – long and short, wide and narrow, rough and even, large and small knots, perfectly even or with a saw cut – machined into a delightful eye-catcher with a distinct reclaimed look.

The Variano has four exquisite varieties to choose from – each with its own stamp of uniqueness and beauty.

Quick-Step Variano Painted White Oak Oiled VAR 1629

Variano Painted White Oak Oiled

Quick-Step Variano Champagne Brut Oak VAR 1630

Variano Champagne Brut Oak

Quick-Step Variano Royal Grey Oak VAR 1631

Variano Royal Grey Oak

Quick-Step Variano Espresso Blend Oak Oiled VAR 1632

Variano Espresso Blend Oak Oiled

The multi-dimensional approach taken by Quick-Step in creating the Variano range epitomises flooring at its finest. Showcasing the complexity and innovative approach with the Variano is unique in its concept and riveting in its execution.