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A new vinyl: a perfect balance

Forget everything you ever knew about vinyl:

The new Quick-Step Livyn floors collection is taking the vinyl industry to a new level.
After many years of research, Quick-Step is introducing a collection that can hardly be distinguished from genuine wood.
The all-new Balance Click collection features designs with a variety of looks and a palette of fascinating hues, in shades ranging from light to dark and offering something for everyone. It combines the look and feel of natural wood in combination with the practical benefits of vinyl flooring: warm underfoot, water proof, durable and sound absorben

Fast forward to the future: wood is here to stay!

With Livyn Balance Click, Quick-Step is peering into its crystal ball for a glimpse into the interior of the future, where a genuine wooden floor is no longer a must-have. True-to-life imitations of natural materials are rapidly conquering the flooring industry. Quick-Step heightens the realistic effect by ensuring that the characteristics and colour of the deeply milled grooves perfectly match the design of the plank. The Balance Click collection presents vinyl planks in a highly realistic wood design.

Quick-Step attaches great importance to ease of maintenance and make high demands of the quality of our floors. The type of design no longer needs to match the type of material and vinyl is considered an attractive and affordable alternative to wood, offering the same look and appeal, but with all the practical benefits of vinyl. In perfect balance! All the livyn floors have a consistent, matte gloss finish that does not look like plastic, giving it a highly realistic appeal.

Perfect imperfection

Imperfection and authentic craftsmanship are among today’s biggest trends: we want our interior to contain imperfections, but styled to whimsically evoke the past. Quick-Step is responding to this demand with the Artisan Planks Grey that capture the appeal of reclaimed wood. The cracks and big knots incorporated into the design lend the floor an authentic and robust appearance. If you are not a fan of the reclaimed wood look, but want a rustic look that is not as outspoken, the Cottage Oaks and Drift Oak Beige may be the perfect choice for you. The softer hues presented by these patterns will be sure to add a romantic note to your interior. Another design that lends your floor a subtle, romantic charm is Silk Oak Grey Brown.

Resistant luxury vinyl for your home

Safe for families - environmental friendly

Quick-Step vinyl heat test

Watch our video to see how well Quick-Step Balance Click – the world’s most stable vinyl plank holds up in the heat test. Our Sunshine Machine replicates the effects of the harsh Australian sun on vinyl planks.